Health benefits of GONKURA/PULLICHA KEERAI/ Brown Indian Hemp

Brown Indian Hemp (Hibiscus cannabinus)

People who are in Andhra Pradesh will love to have this kenaf as their weekly delicious dish which fetch them more amount of health benefits.  Even they can raise their collar and say that this variety belongs to their soil because of its unique taste and medicinal values.  Housewives prefer to buy and cook it for gongura chutney.  They add sunflower oil with the chutney on a plate of hot rice.

The characteristic of kenaf are aphrodisiac, laxative and emollient.  Some group of people have the habit of adding Deccan hemp with amaranthus aristis instead of tomato.  It is recommended by doctors during summer for its refrigerant property.  Nervous weakness can be cured if pulicha keerai is taken at weekly twice.  The plant has more minerals and vitamins that boosts the health of the body and protect from harmful diseases. 


English : Brown Indian Hemp, Deccan hemp, Kenaf
Konkani : Ambadi
Marathi : Ambari
Kannada : Dirin da rani
Bengali : Patsan
Hindi : Patsan
Telugu : Gonkura


Riboflovin              0.93 Mg
Niacin                  1.1 Mg
Vitamin C              20 Mg
Mineral salts            0.9 g
Water content           86.4 g
Protein                  1.7 g
Fat                      1.1 g
Phosphorus             40 Mg
Iron                    5.0 Mg
Thiamine               0.07 Mg
Fiber and sugar         9.9 g
Calcium                172 Mg
Lactose                 296 Ug
Calories                  56


To break the cyst, the essence or leaves of the ambary is tied on the cyst for a few hours and it will be untied to get rid of the cyst. 

Barley has a power of reducing the leg swellings.  In villages, they take gongura with barley for quick relief.

If you feel tired and want yourself energized soon then the best remedy is to add bishop’s weed, pepper with pulicha keerai.

As we know turmeric has a power of healing any type of skin related diseases.  So, take this spinach with turmeric and add little amount of water in it to make a smooth paste.  Apply the paste on the affected area. 

It has a power of healing cough quickly.

Add onion, garlic and this spinach to reduce the effect of bone related diseases.

Take half teaspoon of powdered funnel seeds that are soaked in small amount of kenaf juice to activate taste buds.

Soak black gram dhal or white gram dhal in kenaf juice to add more strength to your body.  If you find yourself very weak and ant to have a energy drink then it is the best choice for quick energy.

Poppy seeds, capsicum and gongura are mixed and cooked for men who are suffering from any sexual disorders

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